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What to pack when traveling to Thailand…

By September 22, 2016Uncategorized

I’ve been to Thailand many times over again. And every time I think I have the packing method down, I realize I made a mistake or two. In this little article, I will share with you some tips when preparing for your trip.

First off, decide what you want to buy when you’re in Thailand, before you start to pack. Will you be purchasing muay thai gear, art work, house hold decor, or souvenirs?  Or, are you on a mission and don’t really plan on returning with much in the way of merchandise?

Let’s start with the essentials… I always bring one pair of jeans and I wear them on the plane. The weather is hot in Thailand but the flight over can get cold at 35,000′.  I also wear my one pair of pants on the plane because it saves some room in my carry on and suitcases. You’ll also want a pair of long pants if you plan on going out at night. Some restaurants are outside seating and in certain area’s, mosquitoes can be a real pain in the ass. Long pants are proper etiquette when visiting buddhist temples as well. Bring one pair of long pants.

Next essential is underwear… I go through at least 3 pair of underwear a day. Especially training two a day sessions. Yes, laundry is readily available but I prefer not to have to do it every single day. I would suggest bringing at least 10 to 12 pair of underwear.

Shoes… being a guy it’s probably a little more simple than the ladies. I bring one pair of sneakers, and one pair of flip flops. Sneakers for going out and running. Flip flops for lounging, beach trips and pretty much everything else.

You’ll want to bring some shorts and T-shirts of course. If you plan on purchasing shirts, they are very cheap at the market and at the muay thai camp. So I wouldn’t go crazy on shirts. Tank tops are a nice option too because it gets hot during the days. Also very easy to find cool tanks for sale. And CHEAP! Bring at least 5 shirts wether you plan on buying new shirts or not. Shorts for me are always an issue when purchasing them in Thailand. I have short legs and a big ba-dunk a-dunk. The shorts at the market and the mall are really difficult to find my preferred fit. So I generally bring 1 pair of swim trunks, and 4-5 pair of shorts. If you plan on purchasing muay thai shorts, just bring one pair for the time being. And when you get there, go to town on buying anything you like. You won’t need anymore than 2 pair. After each session, I stop up the sink, pour a little hotel shampoo in there, squish it around, rinse, and hang them outside. The nylon shorts dry in a hour or two. The satin ones take a little longer but two pair muay thai shorts and you’re good.

Ok, so all this said, I like to travel light. Some of the easiest trips I’ve made I have been able to get away with a travel on luggage and lap top bag. I love it. I don’t have to wait at the baggage line in the airport, easy to get around, it’s great. But other times I need to purchase gear, etc. So, pack light, and bring an almost empty suitcase. Worst case scenario, if you over purchased items, you can buy a cheap suitcase when you’re there and pack your remaining items. Muay Thai gear is discounted compared to what you pay in the states, but it does take up room. A belly pad, thai pads and set of gloves and your suitcase is nearly full already.

Almost every airline will allow a carry on, a lap top bag, and two suitcases. You do have to be conscious of the weight. You may be able to jam everything in one suitcase, only to find out when you go to check in on your departure that your bag is over weight. And they will charge you. A lot. Sometimes $100 – $200 just for being over weight. Check with the airline about their parameters for luggage. Hope this was helpful!

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